My Story

My love for sewing and being creative started at a young age.  I would volunteer with a group of ladies that I worked with creating items to donate to organizations in need.  It was something that I truly loved.  When I moved to Colorado, I came with the purpose to live "my best life" and do what I love every day.  

I started out slowly, sewing part time in between jobs, sometimes till the early morning hours.  I began signing up for markets to showcase my work and found so much joy when people would show such love to things I created.  I continued to add items to sell and would find myself needing to sew more and more to keep up with inventory.

I finally took the leap and quit my 9-5 job so that I could dedicate all my time to my business.  Although it was a scary move, it has brought me so much happiness and a confidence that had been hidden away for some time.  I have new founded friendships with others that share the same passion for creating.  I have begun to build a small team of women that allows them to help me grow my business all while earning an income that helps support their families doing what they love. Most importantly, I now have the vision of following through on a dream that I have had since I was a kid, to own and operate an animal rescue which is now attainable through Mountain Girl Creations.  

I thank all of my loyal customers who have shown so much love to me the past few years and continue to help me grow as a person and a business owner.